Bus Tour

In the 19th century the population of Riga began to grow rapidly. The number of residents has increased tenfold. It was decided to build „New Riga” outside old city walls. Over the past two centuries Riga has changed dramatically. Inhabitants of Riga built marvelous parks, beautiful cathedrals, gothic churches, wooden houses (which were destroyed in most of the Europe).

During the tour you will see our National Theatre, Jesus Orthodox Cathedral, Wooden Houses, Latvian University buildings, Monument of Freedom, National Opera, Academy of Art, The biggest wooden church in Latvia, Old Red warehouses, Unique Central Market and much more.

Bus tour for individual and small groups includes short walk on Art Nouveau and real Guide (instead of audio guide).

Sighseeing bus tour + short walk in art nouveau district.

Duration 1 hour

Price: 18 per person (tour starts from 2 persons)

Sightseeing bus tour + short walk in art nouveau district + walk through the central market.

Duration 1,5 hours

Price: 25 euro per person (tour starts from 2 persons)