Secrets and Legends of Magical Riga

Why since dawn of the time mankind was attracted by sacred knowledge and such mysterious thing as MAGIC. Is it a real miracle? Does magic actually exist? What impact the magic leaves on our environment? How to distinguish black magic from white magic? Who are the Magicians? What role did the magic play in the life of Riga? How relevant is the magic for the modern man? For many, this area still remains a mystery.

On these and many other questions, you will get the answers during 2,5 hour walking tour with a guide through 15 magical places of the Old Town. In addition to the real historical facts, this tour includes a combination of philosophy, spirituality, physics, sacred geometry, symbolism, as well as various legends and parables, which you can hear only from one guide in Riga, because many parables were written by the guide itself.

Visiting magical places, you will hear the destinies and stories of people from different eras whose lives were affected by magic. One of the parables is about a young rigan named Johann; he was touched by magic, and it changed his life forever. Those who wish will be able personally to take part in one traditional ritual that helps to get rid of the mistakes of the past.

If you like to listen to mysterious stories , if you are attracted by everything interesting, mysterious and sacred, if you want to see Riga completely different way, and touch its mysteries, than this adventure is for you. To create this tour the author has invested a great work and a lot of sacred knowledge that will gladly share with you.

Duration: 2,5 hours.

1 person 2 people 3- 4 people 5-6 people 7-9 people
60 Euro per person 35 Euro per person 25 euro per person 20 euro per person 18 euro per person

Prices for bigger groups you can enquire by contacting us.