The biggest resort city in the Baltic’s will not leave you ignorant. This place became popular vocation spot for all inhabitants of Latvia. It was third biggest Resort in USSR and even high-level Communist Party officials were coming to enjoy the beauty of this place. The Beach is covered with white quartz sand that has been silt up by seashore stream. Jurmala was known for its SPA treatment already in 1870s and very soon local fishermen houses turned into little hostels for guest from all over the places. In the 19th century and in the first half of 20th century most of the houses in Jurmala were made of wood. Big pine-tree forests, wide clear beach and charming wooden houses in Art Nouveau Style and interesting stories of our guide will make your day in Jurmala.

Duration:  3,5 hours.

Price for individuals or groups you can enquire by emailing us at info@observeriga.lv or calling us +371 20471047.

Tour includes a guide, private transport and perfectly spent time :)