About Us

Greetings dear visitor. You are very welcomed here. My name is Mikhail Grinevich and I am professional, certified tour guide in Riga since 2012. This is my job, passion, hobby and opportunity to share with you the Best of Riga. This is my web page and I call it Observe Riga. As I like to point out to those unseen, hidden, magical, places & details, which will make you feel the most of my city. It is much more pleasant to follow the guide and just enjoy the ride.

Get know the city through the eyes of locals, find out the secrets, history and architecture. Get nice recommendations about how to spend your free time in Riga. Have easy, comfortable communication with locals and of course get professional tour guide service. You can check the gallery, which I made to show you, that Exploring Riga can be fun, easy going, pleasant and educative at the same time. So feel free to contact me regarding my services.

Due to fact that I am self-employed, biggest part of the tours I try  to do by myself. And when I can not, than I always have very good substitution of me to offer. My colleagues, which I trust in terms of their professional level and quality of the service.

So Observe Riga is created in order to provide every curious, inquisitive visitor of Riga with creative, interesting tours based on observation of most profound places of our lovely City, including such sites of Riga which tourists normally do not see.

Observe Riga consists of likely minded individuals who work as guides, having good level of knowledge, information and enthusiasm to make your days in this city much more interesting. Each guide is certified and has its own trademark, its own perception and approach with tourists. We try to show you Riga as it is, from very different points of view. Involving, History, Art, Humor, Philosophy and our personal vision of the city. The time of our tours may vary, if it is necessary the guide can accompany you longer time. It is also possible to start the tour in a place which is more convenient for you.

Why Riga?

This city becomes a real treasure for every visitor who comes here. It is the capital of the Baltic States with 800 years old history that left huge heritage. It is the place where past and future is perfectly co existing together.

Do you want to see the places, where you get that feeling as if you are traveling in time? Do you want to get a taste of medieval city or walk by the Art Nouveau masterpieces? How about the streets covered by old 19th century wooden houses? This is real treasure for 21th century! Or maybe you always wanted to see Soviet architecture? All of that and much more, you can find in Riga.

Our local, certified guides will help you uncover a side of Riga you wouldn’t find on your own. Each building, sculpture, and even narrow medieval street has a legend and story to tell. Riga conceals in itself many riddles and secrets which you can’t find in a guide book.

If you want to observe and discover Riga, then this is the right place! See you in Riga!

Walking tours, Bus tours, Segway tours, Transfer,  Bicycle Tour, Sightseeing tours, Group Tours, Individual tours, Tours for guests from Cruise Ships,  and much more.

Payment for the service depends on duration of the tour and amount of people. Prices for individuals or groups you can enquire by emailing us at info@observeriga.lv or calling us +371 20471047

*Note within request  we can arranged tours in italian, french, german, norwegian etc..