Old Town

Old Town – First Riga. Being part of Hanseatic League Riga became one of the biggest trading cities in medieval Europe. Like any other prosperous, medieval city, Riga could afford to build huge variety of different buildings. Within 800 years, Riga managed to save up the whole architectural complex, from 13th up till 21th centuries. In this city you can still find fragments of the fortress, including two towers, medieval warehouses, old gothic churches, very beautiful guild houses and many other historical objects. Unique monuments of medieval architecture have survived two world wars. In 1997 Riga was included in the UNESCO world Heritage sites. Riga is the place for those who have seen London and Paris already and want to see something else. For many tourists it is discovery.

Together with our guides we offer you to plunge into the medieval atmosphere of the old town. Because each building, sculpture, and even narrow medieval street has a story to tell. Riga conceals in itself many riddles and secrets which not always can be found in a guidebook. For example: How did the first cobble stone roads where created? Why we have statue of Bremen musicians (characters of the Brother Grimm fairy tale)? Inhabitants of Riga who made Marilyn Monroe famous? What is the most ancient object in Riga? What makes our Dome Cathedral so special? Finally, why do towers of our churches have so many roosters instead of crosses? If you want to enjoy old medieval atmosphere, listening exciting stories of our guides, then this is the right place.

About tours

1. Old town
Duration: 1,5 hours

1 person 2 people 3- 4 people 5-6 people 7-9 people
40 Euro per person 22 Euro per person 15 euro per person 10 euro per person 9 euro per person

2. Old Town + Amber Room
Duration of the tour 2 hours

1 person 2 people 3- 4 people 5-6 people 7-9 people
50 Euro per person 30 Euro per person 20 euro per person 18 euro per person 15 euro per person

Prices for bigger groups you can enquire by contacting us.

Amber room

Riga has its own Amber Room. As it is known 6 tons of amber was used to make the Amber room in Catherine Palace. To create Amber room in Riga, 600 kg of a solar stone were spent. Walls are laid out by amber from a bottom to a ceiling (the lower part – dark amber, top – light). Regarding the experts, Amber has about two hundred eighty colors. Because of various impregnations, for example sulfuric sulfide or seaweed turns amber shade greenish. This beautiful room also has a small collection of pieces of amber with the insects and plants inside of them. Some of these insects are millions years old! For those who want it is also possible to watch short 10 minutes movie about our Baltic solar stone.